“No one talks of the orcs outside these walls and you know why? Alvora is safe. Alvora is secure. Alvora is home to all those within its mighty walls. Why allow the truth to slip out, eh? That the lands are being ravaged, men and women and children put to the blade and torch in the country? That Helms are becoming more and more proliferate, and that battle is overflowing in the land? What good would it do, other then to spread panic and worry? It wouldn’t. Thus the silence is kept. But we know. We all know. And sooner or later someone somewhere will have to do something about it. Before those bloodthirsty savages are tearing at our heels.” – Noble Orvar, Noble Diplomat of the Royal Capital

Greetings fair traveler, welcome to Lorshan. A land near perpetually soaked by storm filled clouds and locked by the dark seas and terrible mist that surround its sandy shores. In this land, the nobles conduct battles of wordplay and royal debates while Helms, mercenaries of impressive power battle against highway men and the orc menace. Blade, shield, and bow are a necessity on the roads, for in these trying times of war, men are desperate for some amount of security. Save for the mysterious group, the Rising Order, seemingly dedicated to the cause of justice and good. A rumor more then anything, save for the ones that have seen their banner waving on the horizon…

Notes from the DM
Hey there everyone, and welcome to the Menace of Lorshan. As with all games I run, I tend to add a lot of my homebrew ideas to the game. I sometimes change how mechanics work, feats (Feat Taxes which I’ve changed) and things along those lines, but what’s important is that I try to make this game fun for everyone. As I know this is a lot of the player’s here first time in a Pathfinder campaign, I’d like to say now, don’t hesitate to ask me questions about lore (there’s a lot of it), mechanical questions (Pathfinder sure can be complicated!), or really anything you can think of. Further on, it’s my hope everyone will get really into their characters and the game, so I’m going to do my best to really immerse you guys in it. Oh, and one more rule, and perhaps the most important.

The Rule of Cool
This last note is one I feel is necessary for all campaigns I run. As I’m partial to players having fun, and building fun characters, I highly encourage housemade feats or abilities. These abilities can be completely unique, or could in fact mimic another class’s class feature. This rule does not go outside the realm of doing things in combat. I encourage simply asking me if you could attempt to do something unusual, from tackling someone through a wall to fighting with a fishing pole, I’m partial to players to having fun. And that is in itself the most important part; Have fun.

The Menace of Lorshan

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